Object Sequence Exporter

The object sequence exporter will export a single vertex object to a series of OBJ files, one per frame. It uses the same “baking” engine that my MDD and PZ2/BVH exporters use to ensure that all modifications are faithfully captured.


– only vertex objects are exported.
– only one object can be exported at a time.

9 thoughts on “Object Sequence Exporter

  1. Tony

    I know I am late to the party but is it still possible to buy your obj seq exporter? Have tried finding at YUR digital but no luck.

    1. Fenric

      After YURDigital’s demise and a lot of soul-searching, I have decided re-enabled the store.

      If you want the sequence exporter, PLEASE try it first: it doesn’t work the way a lot of people seem to expect.

  2. Fenric

    One IMPORTANT reminder. This is an Exporter.

    You can only use the Export… menu option!

    And a few reminders:
    – Only vertex objects
    – One vertex object at a time
    – Texture maps are NOT exported. Use the Carrara object exporter to get the maps, or purchase Inagoni Baker for sophisticated texture handling.

  3. Irene DeCook

    I bought your extension from the yuridigital site today.
    Select object sequence then required to enter a program destination.
    Workflow is from Carrara to Element 3d V2 / CS6 After Effects.
    After Effects is not an option.
    What is compatible with AE?

    1. Fenric

      The program preset is not mandatory: it will just set the “OBJ Export Options” automatically. But you can set the checkboxes yourself.

      In Carrara the native unit is inches, Z is “up”, and it is a right-handed coordinate system meaning that positive x is left and positive y is toward you.

      I’ve not had a lot of success finding the coordinate system that After Effects uses, so you’ll have to try a few sample exports with something clearly recognizable.

  4. Daniel Schuman

    No option for checking out after adding the Object Sequence Exporter to my cart. Tried in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Do you no longer sell this Carrara plug in?

    1. Fenric

      There should be a “checkout now” button at the bottom right of the Shopping Cart page.

      This plugin is also available at YURDigital if for some reason this site just won’t work for you.

  5. remo vitale

    Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this plugin, nonetheless every try I made with the trial, on win 64 and 32 as well, failed with a message error coming out; so I need your assistance: what I’m going to achieve is move a cloak according to a walk cycle but, since I have to set up some minor adjustments, I need sequenced obj frames. Would you please help me?
    thanks in advance
    best regards,
    Remo Vitale aka magaremoto

    1. admin Post author

      Do you get anything specific on the error, or is it Carrara’s useless “An Error Has Occurred”?
      Are you on 8.1 or 8.5? If you are on 8.5, do you still have 8.1 around to try?
      Related… which cloak is it? If it’s not a common one, is it a Poser figure (CR2/PZ2) or something else?

      How are you moving it?


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