Carrara Enhanced Remote Control

The Enhanced Remote Control (ERC) plugin allows you to control any animatable parameter in any object using the value of some other object.

This is an advanced animation controller that assumes a working understanding of common animation techniques.

7 thoughts on “Carrara Enhanced Remote Control

  1. turbet

    ( google translation )
    Hello, I’m a french user of the ERC and I have great difficulty in finding information.
    I want to drive a pose (morph) with the rotation of a bone.
    I can not find the settings.
    Do you have any information please

    Thank you

  2. Fenric Post author

    If you are having trouble getting the right target value, keep in mind that there is a “Tweener” version of ERC as well which may very well be easier to use.

  3. Fenric Post author

    How to work around Network Rendering (rendernode) limitations:

    It is possible to work around this issue without needing any code changes:

    1. Get the scene to its “production” state.
    2. Save your original scene off somewhere – you’re about to ruin it.
    3. Rewind the sequencer to the first frame of your animation (presumably frame 0)
    4. Make sure that “play every frame” is enabled (don’t let the preview player skip frames)
    5. No Looping!
    6. In the ERC modifier, choose “Manage Keyframes”
    7. Play the preview animation.
    8. Immediately delete the ERC modifier
    9. Save the scene – only saved scenes will render with network rendering.

    This will bake the animation into keyframes, which will happily work across the network render. It’s not ideal, but at least you can keep moving forward.


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