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  1. Yossi

    Hi Fenric,
    I enjoy your plugins, have most of them.
    I have issues Advanced Shader Tweaker:
    For example, if I set highlight to a value or Shininess to a value, it will set it to 100%, although I set it other values.
    Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

    1. Fenric Post author

      You have to enter the values as decimal, not “percentage”. If you enter 15, that is treated as 1500% – 15% is 0.15

      I’ve had a couple of requests to allow percentage entries, along with a few other improvements. And upgrades are free forever, so once I get those done you will be able to download them without additional cost.

      1. Yossi

        Maybe a tool-tip, or a line of text at the top of the window can help make it clearer.
        And again, thanks for the wonderful plugins!

  2. Fenric Post author

    Yes it does, (and Carrara 7, also), but the “Fast MipMap” option will not work because that was added in 8.5. Otherwise all of the various options are the same.


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