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All products are available as Trial versions from the download page! PLEASE try any product before you buy it.

If you run into trouble and need to contact me, please understand that this is a hobby and not my full time job. I WILL get back to you, but it may take a few days. If that really won’t work for you, then please don’t buy anything here.

It’s difficult to get enough good information into a README to always give adequate help. This is a moderated area where additional documentation and user tips can be posted. All comments are reviewed before they are visible, so please be patient after posting.

8 thoughts on “Product Help and Tips

  1. vaughn

    I can not fine instruction on how to use your obj sequence plugin for carrra, can anybody summit how to install and use it with carrara

    1. Fenric Post author

      The installation instructions are included in the product ZIP file. Basically, unzip the file, go to the folder corresponding to the version of Carrara that you are using, and copy the files in that folder to your Extensions folder inside the Carrara program directory.

      Usage is simple: select the object to be exported, then choose “Export” from the file menu. Only one object at a time will be exported.

  2. TERRY

    Thanks I did discover that myself but wanted to show you and ask if they are different DAT and TXT files. I did copy them over from the Windows files and they seemed to work, but wasn’t sure if they need to be different files. So thanks for clarifying and taking care of it! BTW everyone “on the fence”, this utility works great and saves a lot of trouble messing around in the Carrara shaders. The skin still has a slight shiny sheen so the “shift” feature to make manual tweaks is a huge benefit.

  3. TERRY

    I too am having difficulty finding the command, I looked everywhere, I am sending you a screencapture to the paypal e-mail, can you please check that and get back to me

    1. admin

      Ah! The Macintosh folders in the ZIP file are missing the “.DAT” and “.TXT” files. All you have to do is copy them from one of the Windows folders – all of the “.DAT” and “.TXT” files are exactly the same for every platform, so it doesn’t matter which ones you use. There seems to have been a packaging error building the ZIP, I will get that corrected right away.

      My apologies for the delay, and thank you for your purchase!

  4. Brad Greenwood

    I just purchased your Poser Shader Doctor but have no idea how to access it once I’m in Carrara. How do I use it?

    1. admin

      The command is found in the Edit menu. If it is the only product of mine you own, it will be at the top level. Otherwise it will be in the Fenric sub-menu.

      To use it, first select the item or items you wish to change, then select the command. For more assistance, please visit the Carrara forum on and thanks for your purchase!

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