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  1. Doug Hendry

    Would like to know how to get change order shortcuts to show up under preferences as said on txt file, they are not showing up on my system, 8.5 latest etc

    1. Fenric

      Product Help and Tips is the best place to ask questions, because I’m really not at all sure which product you are referring to.

      There are some notes on the Downloads page regarding installing items that you should look at. In general:
      – On Windows, make sure you have the Visual C++ runtime installed (see the download page)
      – On any system, make sure you copy the right files: 32 bit files won’t work on 64-bit Carrara and vice-versa

      I’m going to guess you mean the “Selection Changer”. In preferences, “Keyboard Shortcuts”, under “3D View”, change to “Edit”. The commands are “Select Previous” and “Select Next”

  2. Richard Hoeper

    Working with Berkel G2 sample. Success removing bounce by establishing weightless baseline for M6. Ideas for aligning group with floor? Would solve a big inexpensive motion capture issue for Carrara. Like your pose reversal plugin. Bought it. Thanks. R

  3. Simon (sighman)

    Hi Fenric,
    I am a developer working on a plugin for Carrara. I was wondering if you could give me a tip or two on how to create a ‘top level’ or ‘full’ shader. The SDK only covers sub shaders and I am kind of stuck trying to create a full shader. I just need a nudge in the right direction, this is the last nagging thing on my plate. Any help would be appreciated.



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