Overall Mythology


In the beginning of time, the beings of the celestial realm discovered the world we now call the material. For many ages, only the most powerful and knowledgeable could interact with the material world at all. But that changed when the smith Malukhar devised a means by which one could condense their awareness into a material body, inhabiting and controlling it and experiencing what it did. This became immensely popular, but beings of insufficient capability found themselves trapped and unable to return to the celestial realm until the body they had chosen was destroyed. To work around this, two policies were added: that those unable to control their return would not remember their celestial life during their stay, and that the bodies had preset durations to prevent eternal imprisonment.
As the popularity of this new mechanism grew, an option was added for the destination to be random. Foreseeing a time when this mechanism would play a large role in the greater society, Malukhar engineered the system so that it was always available to any person in the realm without regard to their location or status – and so the Seive of Malukhar took it’s form.


Inari was a being of considerable power even in the beginning. She is a geneticist: focused on botany, specializing in grasses, and took very readily to the new material realm when it became available. For a long time, she focused on her handiwork – even after the Sieve was set up. But the time came where a group of people was trying to cultivate a grass she was particularly proud of… and making a right hash of the job. She watched in growing frustration for a while, then came to them and taught them what to do to get the plant to grow. She was immediately refered as a god. Inari did not go by that name for a long time, though: she went about as a man in a plain brown robe, carrying a heavy sack of the precious grains and spreading her knowledge (and her worship).

At some point later, Inari was trying to answer the increasing prayers from farmers about two threats to the rice: mice and birds. She decided that the best answer was a mix between cats and dogs, and experimented with mixing them. It worked well… eventually, and the fox was created.

The World of Erda

Malukhar did not generally interfere with the affairs of mortals, being concerned with his various works. But one day he witnessed a terrible event: an asteroid crashed into a world he happened to be near, and wiped all life away – destroying entirely the careful creations the world had held. Struck by this, he decided to create a world where he could keep a selection of creatures safe regardless of the state of their original homeworlds.

Inari saw the world as an opportunity, and set her hand to animal genetics again. This time, she took her own precious foxes and mingled them Humans from the planet Earth, creating the Vulpans. The first two were Myobi and Myobu. Inari refined her design over several iterations, introducing a number of variations. She also added specialized varieties based on other types of foxes.